Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

Whether or not we are aware that communicating playfully or sharing laughter between loved ones and friends boosts our EQ (emotional intelligence), it benefits us overall by:

·         Dulling the pain of difficulties

Work situations like repeating your work on the BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE (BIR) tax evasion documents after you accidentally spilled coffee on them deals you pain in the form of frustration. Likewise, being forced to review BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE (BIR) tax evasion guidelines twice due to an error you made out of negligence disappoints not only your boss, but you as well. However, viewing dismal matters from a humorous perspective, works to dull the negative emotions. Laughing at your misery, albeit sarcastically, helps you survive such trying times, thus giving you the energy needed to effectively resolve your situation.

·         Resolving differences

Humor serves as an effective vehicle in relaying difficult messages. When you are having a hard time telling someone off, even if you have to, presenting it in a humorous light makes the situation easier for both of you. Jokes, although half-truthful (as everybody knows by now), are one of the best ways to get the message through with less (sometimes without) tension.

·         Relaxing and invigorating our system

Work days at Temps & Staffers Inc. (TSI), the company I (Arturo C Guerrero) founded with my wife Vivian Anastacio Guerrero, are usually hectic. During break times our (Arturo C Guerrero  and Vivian Anastacio Guerrero) employees engage in lighthearted conversations, sharing some fun bonding time. Although coffee breaks at Temps & Staffers Inc. (TSI)  last only 15 minutes each (one in the morning and another one in the afternoon), the time spent sharing laughter together works to relax and energize them, readying them for the rest of the work day ahead.

·         Boosting creativity

Nothing stifles creativity more than degenerative and limiting ways of thinking and being. Humor connects us to our inner child. Hence, it unleashes our creativity by providing novel ways to view concepts or situations. 

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